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Chicken Curry Recipe

chicken tikka masala

I used to regularly buy a chicken tikka masala spice mix from the supermarket as it was so easy to make and it was super tasty. But the makers of the spice mix stopped selling it so I now have to make my own! I’ve never actually made a chicken tikka masala from scratch, but this chicken curry tastes pretty close to the prepared packet mix that I was trying to imitate. It’s almost as easy as using the store bought spice mix too. [Read More…]

Potato Bake Recipe

easy cheesy potato bake recipe

Potato bake is so easy to make and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it! If you ever have to take a dish to a party, take the potato bake and everyone will love you. It can be made healthier and vegetarian but I would much prefer to fill mine with bacon, cream and cheese! ;-) [Read More…]

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