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Healthy Nut Bread Recipe

pumpkin seed and nut bread

In an attempt to lose some weight and eat a bit healthier I have been trying to cut back on wheat and sugar. The problem with cutting back on wheat is that the gluten-free breads at the store are not only ridiculously expensive to buy but they also taste like horse food (yes I have eaten horse food before). So I have been trying to make my own bread which is super healthy, wheat free, and edible! [Read More…]

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

sweet and sour chicken

I have been making a lot of Asian dishes at home lately. They seem to go well with the warmer weather here in Australia and they’re usually quick, easy and tasty. They’re also usually super healthy too but I seem to be attracted to the more unhealthy Asian dishes! Anyway, like most meals, the homemade version is sooo much better than the take out version. [Read More…]

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