Savory Crepe Recipe

basic savoury crepes recipe

This is a basic savory crepe recipe which can be added to and changed depending on your taste. They always remind me of my childhood for some reason. I remember eagerly waiting for my mother to finish cooking one and then I would take it straight off the frying pan, squeeze some orange juice on it, roll it up and then devour it. So simple and so tasty. I still love plain crepes with fresh orange juice squeezed on them.Continue Reading

Sultan’s Delight Recipe

sultans delight recipe

Sultan’s Delight or Hünkar Beğendi is easily one of my top 10 meals of all time. I have made it a few different ways and this recipe below is the tastiest! I have heard of people replacing the lamb with meatballs, beef or chicken but I can’t imagine it being as good as the lamb.

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African Quotes about Food

african food quotes

Let’s start the year with some famous food quotes from Africa. One of the things I love so much about food is seeing how other cultures and countries relate to food. I believe food is a reflection of the people of a country, so if it’s a fast food nation it says something of the […]

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Chicken Carbonara Recipe

chicken carbonara recipe

Chicken carbonara is definitely one of my favorite pasta recipes. I don’t eat it nearly as much as spag bol as it’s very rich, but I do love it as much. It’s one of them recipes that you can play with quite a bit too. You can do it without the chicken, or replace the […]

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Knitted Food

crochet food

You can’t eat knitted food but you can look at it and smile!! Actually, it’s crocheted food which is similar to knitting but isn’t knitting, for reasons that remain a mystery to me. They’re the work of NL Hood over at the Ravelry knitting and crocheting community.

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Banana Cake Recipe

banana cake recipe

My two favorite cakes are probably banana cake and carrot cake, which are big calls as I’m a great lover of all things chocolate! They have to be moist though. I have only made this banana cake recipe a couple of times, so I would like to think that it will improve as I make […]

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Food in Japan

japan food

My friend has a Japanese wife and just got back from visiting her family in Japan. Luckily for me (and you) he likes food and likes taking pictures of it, so I asked him if I could share some of his Japanese food porn on my new recipe blog. I eat out at Japanese restaurants […]

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Mediterranean Salad Recipe

healthy salad recipes

To be honest I wasn’t much of a salad fan until I started making this one. For me, it’s not so important what ingredients you put into the salad, it’s how well you chop it up! I know, it sounds strange, but I like my salads chopped up finely. That way I can add healthy […]

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Pizza Art Portraits of Celebrities

Victoria Beckham pizza portrait

I love food and art with a passion, so I love it when they both come together. The Scottish/Italian pizza chef Domenico Crolla has managed to combine his love for making pizza with his passion for art with his celebrity portrait pizzas. Among the famous people he has immortalized in pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese […]

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Cheese and Bacon Pie Recipe

meat pie with cheese and bacon

Being Australian, I have probably eaten a million meat pies in my life time, and I have the waistline to prove it! A million might be a slight exaggeration, but there’s rarely a week that passes when I don’t have a meat pie. Just down the road from where I live is a drive through […]

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