Good Food Recipes is published by me, Dion, a food loving, artist, thinker and tryer of new things. I live by myself in a regional city in Australia, not too far from Newcastle and a little bit further from Sydney. I’m not a chef or a cook but I love being in the kitchen and learning new things. For me it’s a creative act, similar to painting, but you get to eat your creation when you’re done in the kitchen.

self portrait painting

My goal is to share at least one new recipe each week. I don’t cook every night as I’m a house of one and always have leftovers unless I have friends over.

I don’t claim to be an expert cook or professional chef that knows everything about food and cooking as I’m not. I started Good Food Recipes as a learning resource for myself and hopefully others will learn something too. It’s also a great way for me to keep all of my recipes in one place. I generally scribble recipes down on paper and then spend forever looking for them next time I make them!

I also plan to share my herb and vegetable garden which now only exists as a bed of weeds and a few really tough herbs that compete with the weeds. I’ll share the different stages of turning the weeds into a productive edible garden filled with organic yum!

Things I Love in the Kitchen

Italian food
Turkish food
Mexican food
Ice cream

Things I Don’t Love in the Kitchen

Cleaning, obviously!
Olives! Any kind of olive; green, black or stuffed. They’re all disgusting!
Ginger in large amounts. Small amounts, great!
Pumpkin. Although, I am coming round with this one.
Burning things in the oven.


Talk soon
Dion :-)