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Fancy Junk Food Plated for the Classy Crowd

plated junk food

For those who haven't seen this guy on Instagram yet, here's some of his junk food art. Chef Jacques La Merde uses snack foods, fast food, frozen dinner foods, processed food, chocolate bars, and other cheap and trashy delights to create plates that wouldn't look out of place in … [Read more...]

BBQ Prawns or Shrimp and Aioli Recipe

barbecue prawns with aioli

I made these little babies to enter a competition in a food magazine here in Australia and didn't win but my stomach and taste buds were winners! Some of the winning photographs were pretty rough so I felt like I was robbed of victory! ;-) Don't let my bad photographs turn you … [Read more...]

Spicy Beef Curry Recipe

spicy madras curry

A lot of my absolute favourite meals are slow cooked dishes. I enjoy the whole process, from the preparation to the hours of cooking to the ridiculously tender meat that comes out at the end. The time and effort put in is always rewarded in the end and it's hard to ruin a slow … [Read more...]