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Going social, finally! I’m rededicating myself to the Good Food Recipes blog and I have created a few social media accounts to help share my recipes. I’m still fairly new to the whole social media scene but I’m a fast learner. Do pop on over and “like” or “follow” me and I’ll do the same for you if you’re into food or cooking. I’ll add more social media platforms as I become comfortable with the biggies below.

Good Food Recipes on Twitter
I don’t like how Twitter only allows a certain number of characters per posting, but they don’t seem to hide your posts from subscribers like Facebook does. There seems to be plenty of foodie bloggers, chefs, food suppliers, and restaurants on Twitter, so I think I’ll be spending a lot more time on it. Follow me @goodfoodrec

Good Food Recipes on Facebook
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg increased his wealth by more than $15 billion in 2014 and much of that would have came from facebook page owners being forced to pay for their subscribers to see their pages. His $34 billion dollar piggy bank won’t be fattened any further with my money as I’ll never advertise with them. I’m not anti-advertising or anti-capitalism, I just don’t like how facebook goes about squeezing money out of the people who helped make it so popular. So, I will use the Good Food Recipes facebook page but will never pay for promotions on it. Like me @goodfoodsite

Good Food Recipes on Pinterest
I’m very new to Pinterest but am really loving it. It’s a very visual resource and there’s plenty of great food blogs and cooks out there publishing tasty looking recipes on Pinterest. Just search for a recipe and pages of beautiful food pictures come up! Follow me @goodfoodrec

Good Food Recipes on Instagram
I just signed up to Instagram and probably shouldn’t have an opinion of it yet, but hmm, I find it very limiting with what you can do with it and it’s not very intuitive. Maybe I’ll change my mind after using it for a while but I would much prefer to use Pinterest. It’s pretty much a mobile phone only social media platform too, which is rather annoying. Anyway, I’ll persist with learning how to use these things! ;-) Follow me @goodfoodrec

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