Ten Foodie Channels on Youtube Worth Checking Out

Recipe Channels on Youtube

I’m still pretty new to following foodies on Youtube. Which is odd as I love watching cooking shows on television and I use Youtube everyday, but have only recently taken to foodtube. There’s a whole lot fewer foodies on Youtube than there are foodies blogging but there’s still plenty to choose from. Remember to share your favourites in the comments.

I’ll just focus on the cooking channels that regularly update and mostly stick to sharing recipes. Oh, also, try doing a search for “Keith Floyd” on Youtube. He’s still awesome to watch after all these years. I remember watching him as a kid and loved every program he made.

Anyway, in no particular order, here’s 10 Foodie channels on Youtube worth checking out.

Damn Delicious on Youtube
Damn Delicious Youtube Channel – New recipes are usually added every few days. I have a love of all things Asian at the moment so I’m loving the Damn Delicious channel as there’s a whole bunch of Asian recipes on it. Well worth having a look here and subscribing!

Gordon Ramsay on Youtube

Gordon Ramsay Youtube Channel – Best known for being the hot headed, foul mouthed Brit on TV but he’s also easy to watch when he’s just sharing his love of cooking. Honestly I hate all the tv drama and if that’s all he was then I wouldn’t like him at all. I don’t click on anything that looks like drama.. so I selectively enjoy his channel. Check out his channel here.

Donna Hay on Youtube

Donna Hay Youtube Channel – Not updated as much as I would like but still worth subscribing. Australian foodie Donna Hay keeps things simple and makes everything look beautiful. Yum! Check out her Youtube channel here.

Pinch of Yum on Youtube

Pinch of Yum Youtube Channel – The Pinch of Yum blog was one of the recipe blogs that inspired me to start my own. Which reminds me, I have been meaning to buy her food photography ebook to improve my food photos. Her Youtube channel is pretty cool too, check it out here.

Cooking with Plants

Cooking with Plants Youtube Channel – An Australian foodie channel with a focus on vegan recipes. I’m seriously trying to eat more meat free meals! My aim isn’t to eliminate meat altogether but I do believe we should be eating much less meat as a species. Not updated enough but still worth checking out Here.

Jamie Oliver on Youtube

Jamie Oliver Youtube Channel – Another British celebrity chef with a popular foodie channel on Youtube. You’ve got to love his passion for food. Join more than 3 million other subscribers to his channel here.

Tasty on Youtube

Tasty Youtube Channel – Plenty of short and sweet foodie videos with recipes and food hacks of all kinds. Frequently updated with new content. Check them out here.

Turkish Food Recipes

Turkish Food Recipes Youtube Channel – Another foodie channel that isn’t updated as much as I would like! She has a much larger and more frequently updated Turkish channel too but I don’t know enough Turkish to follow the recipes! Still worth checking out if you love Turkish food as much as me! Here’s her English channel here.

Adam Liaw on Youtube

Adam Liaw Youtube Channel – I’m loving all sorts of Asian cooking at the moment and I enjoy watching Adam Liaw. I loved his series in Japan. See his foodie channel here.

Pailins Kitchen on Youtube

Pailin’s Kitchen Youtube Channel – Sticking with my current love of all things Asian in the Kitchen, this channel is a beauty. Really well made, great Thai recipes and the host Pai is excellent. See her channel here.

There’s plenty of other great foodie channels on Youtube. I just thought I would share a few to encourage you to get over there and see what is being produced on YT. Search for your favourite celebrity chef or try searching for a recipe and see how many variations come up.

Share your favourite foodie channel with me :-)



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